The Legend and the Plague

The Adventure so far...

An ongoing account of what has happened in the world of Faerun.

Our original three adventurers – Valla (a Half-Elf Wizard), Synn (an Eladrin Ranger), and Kriv (a Dragonborn Cleri of Kord) – were traveling to Waterdeep and decided to stop in the small town of Oakhurst. The town seemed hospitable enough, until their paths collided with a rabble-rousing Gnome named Scud the Magnificent.

Scud and his friends picked a fight with Kriv, who was quickly backed up by his fellow adventurers. Synn killed Scud’s pet drake, and the crew of misfits ran for their lives. Scud yelled something about ruing the day they cross paths again, but who was really listening anyway?

Unfortunately for our adventurers, they blasted a hole in the wall of the tavern where the fight broke out and wound up in debt to the tavern owner for 100gp. Fortunately for them, the town shopkeep – Hercule – needed a band of adventurers to retrieve a lost amulet for him. He was even nice enough to pay for the damages upfront.

Of course, Hercule wasn’t so trusting of these adventurers he had never met, so Kriv and the rest of the party awoke the next morning to meet the newest (forced) member of their adventuring group – a mysterious Tiefling named Dirge.



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